Practical Shooting Timer is a versatile and accurate shot timer application designed for different scenarios, catering to all action shooting enthusiasts, from beginner to advanced skills level.

 It is designed for ease-of-use with minimal interaction to get you going with your practice or action shooting regimen. It promotes regular dry-fire practice by letting you do more dry-firing, and less fiddling

The Start button is the main button you will be using most of the time. To start recording shots, just press the Start button. Once the timer starts recording shots, this will turn into Stop button. And when you’re done shooting, press the same button to stop recording shots.

With Practical Shooting Timer, you can do multiple repetitions to your heart's delight with only a press of a button, allowing you more time perfecting the drill, and less interacting with the application.

Practical Shooting Timer features include:
- Large, easy to control Start/Stop button
- Full shot details, including total time, splits, first and last shot time
- Save session data
- Sensitivity settings
- Echo compensation
- Microphone source selection
- Scene Presets
- Instant/Delayed/Random Start
- Configurable delay, from 1 to 5 seconds
- Par Time
- Reset and Repeat
- Voice cues

Available on the iTunes App Store:

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